About me

I am currently building Fulcrum (https://getfulcrum.io/) to help SaaS companies accelerate their PLG efforts - Get in touch if you want to learn more. Previously, led Product-led Growth (PLG) function at Sentry for 3 years. During this time Sentry has grown from a company valued at a few hundred million dollars to a three billion dollar company. Prior to Sentry, I helped AppDynamics exponentially grow their mobile app monitoring business (AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco for $3.7B).  And a long long time ago, I was leading mobile checkout experience for Snapfish where we grew conversion to paid from 27% to 60%.


PLG for SaaS orgs is a new developing function where leaders are looking to make sense of why they need this function, what will this function looks like for their company and how to go about building the PLG function. I find a few resources on experiential learning of the PLG function.

I am hoping to share my experience, driving high growth projects over the past 10 plus years, through monthly blog posts and hoping to learn from others' opinions in the field. So, feel free to reach out.

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