Key Tools for a PLG Company

IT tools are an essential part of any software company. A Product-led Growth function is no exception. These tools are necessary to help maintain high velocity, be outcome driven and pivot when needed.

Most of the following tools offer some startup credits or generous Freemium version of their product. 

Product Behavior Analysis: Amplitude

Amplitude is great for building customer segment trends and funnel analysis. We use Amplitude for AB test experimentation analysis as well. We use an open source project to pipe through the ETL (Your other choice is Segment)

Business Metrics Analysis: BigQuery

On lighter end, SQL is your best friend and for a more sophisticated end, you can use tools like Looker.

Experimentation (A/B Tests): PlanOut

PlanOut is an open source library from Facebook to run your AB tests. They support multiple languages bases and has been working out great for us. 

Product Design: Figma

Figma is one of my favorite tools out there - super easy to use and collaborative. I use it for wire framing and drawing experience flows using FigJam.

Project Management: Use what Product teams are using

There are a ton of choices out there and everyone has a slight different taste for what kind of project management tool they want to use.

Internal Documentation and Project Scopes: Notion

Love their developer focus and affordable plans. Their search can improve.

In-app Notifications: UserFlow

You will save a ton of dev time through tools like UserFlow or Pendo. Be cautious about the user experience limitations through these tools. 

Marketing Campaigns: Help me find a good tool

Currently use Marketo but the tool is clumsy and not cheap. Help me find a better alternative.